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Pickleball is a fast-growing paddle sport played with a semi-square paddle (like a ping pong paddle but bigger) and a whiffle ball.  It's a game that's appropriate for all ages and skill levels.  If you already play tennis, you'll feel right at home, if you are not a tennis player, you can learn to play pickleball in a few hours.  Really!

Pickleball is an easy game for beginners to learn, and they can quickly develop into fast-paced, competitive players.  It requires minimal running (two pickleball courts fit on one tennis court -- one placed on each side of the net, and the court is smaller than half a tennis court - so if even if your knees aren't quite what they used to be, you can still play pickleball and have a fun, competitive match.

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Pickleball 101 Clinic - What you'll learn:

Basic strokes | Dink shot | Drop shot | Implementing dink & volley shot in a game | Skill drills for both dink & drop | Technique of lob and overhead | Rules & regulations

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Tuesday 1 - 2:30 pm $360
Friday 2 - 3:30 pm $360

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Pickleball Round Robins - $25 per person

Level 1


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Tuesday 1:30 - 3 pm
Friday 2 - 3:30 pm
Saturday 9 - 10:30 am


Level 2


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Monday 1:30 - 3 pm
Friday 8 - 9:30 pm
Saturday 10:30 - 12 pm